The Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents (IF 1.506) is a peer-reviewed journal published every 2 months. The journal publishes original papers describing research in the fields of experimental and clinical medicine, molecular biology, biochemistry, regulatory molecules, cellular immunology and pharmacology.

Editor in Chief:
Pio Conti (Italy)
Assitant Editors:
F. Malavasi (Italy)
J. W. Mier (USA)
T.C. Theoharides (USA)
Editorial Staff:
J. Cao (USA)
N. Cassano (Italy)
J. Donelan (USA)
J.L. Oliver (UK)
B. Madhappen (USA)
G. Morgans (UK)
M. Tagen (USA)
Editorial Board:
A. Caraffa (Italy)
F. Carinci (Italy)
A. Cassone (Italy)
J. Castracane (USA)
G. Cerulli (Italy)
M.M. Corsi (Italy)
G. Corazza (Italy)
P. Di Emidio (Italy)
C.E. Gallenga (Italy)
M. Di Gioacchino (Italy)
C.A. Dinarello (USA)
R. Di Primio (Italy)
R. Doyle (USA)
S. Frydas (Greece)
G. Gasbarrini (Italy)
V. Karapanou (USA)
D. Kempuraj (USA)
S.K. Kritas (Greece)
D. Lauritano (Italy)
S. Martinotti (Italy)
R. Nistico' (Italy)
F. Pandolfi (Italy)
E. Papthanasiou (USA)
C. Riccardi (Italy)
A. Rizzi (Italy)
I. Robuffo (Italy)
G. Ronconi (Italy)
R. Shader (USA)
B. Sinjari (Italy)
Y.B. Shaik-Dasthagirisaheb (USA)
G. Tete' (Italy)
E. Toniato (Italy)
A.C. Trakatellis (Greece)
I. Tsilioni (USA)
E. Vannier (USA)
S. Vella (Italy)
P. Verani (Italy)
P. Youinou (France)