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Journal of Orthopedics is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal published four monthly. The journal is an international forum covering a wide range of topics in rehabilitation, arthritis, rheumatism, calcium metabolism and osteoporosis. The intention is that the journal should reflect both the experimental and clinical aspects of orthopedics.

Only articles written in English will be published. All articles will be subject to peer review and the scientific standard is the only criterion for accepting a manuscript for publication. The style should be clear and concise. Excessive use of jargon or unusual abbreviations should be avoided. Contributors must send an electronic copy of the text, tables and figures to g_cerulli@tin.it . and it is essential that they retain a copy of the original manuscript as the Editor does not accept responsibility for loss of papers submitted. Papers are accepted on the understanding that no substantial part has been, or will be published elsewhere, and once they have been accepted they remain the copyright of the journal.

The journalís website: http://www.biolifesas.org 

Preparation of the text: Manuscripts should be in a Word file with double spacing and 30 mm margins all around. The first page should bear the title of the paper, last name(s) and initial(s) of the author(s) with their affiliation(s) and the postal address, tel. and fax numbers and e-mail address of the corresponding author. For indexing purposes a small number of key words should be supplied.

Generally, papers should be divided into the following parts and in the order indicated: (1) Summary: about 5% of the length of the paper; (2) Introduction: containing the reason for doing the work; (3) Materials and Methods: sufficient information must be included to permit repetition of the experimental work; (4) Results: these should be given concisely together with tables and figures that have clear legends; (5) Discussion: the presentation of results should be separate from a discussion of their significance; the section should not repeat Results; (6) Acknowledgements if any; (7) References: these should be cited in the text by a number in parentheses and listed at the end of the paper in numerical order. Note the following style for journal and book citations:

1. Autorino R, Lamendola MG, De Luca G, De Sio M, Giuliano F, D' Armiento M, De Placido S, Conti P, Di Lorenzo G. Neuroendocrine immunophenotype as predictor of clinical recurrence in 110 patients with prostate cancer. Int J Immunopathol Pharmacol 2007; 20:765-70.

2. Robb RJ, Lin Y. T-cell growth factor purification, interaction with a cellular receptor and in vitro synthesis. In Thymic Hormones and Lymphokines. A.L. Goldstein, ed. Plenum Publishing Corp. New York, 1984; p. 274.

Abbreviation of titles of Journals should follow the list of journals indexed in INDEX MEDICUS. References to books should include the editor(s), publisher and place of publication. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of their references.

Illustrations: The Journal recognizes the adoption of the SI unit system. All tables and figures should be cited in order in the text, using Roman numerals for the tables and Arabic numerals for figures. Tables should have a short title. Figures can be sent on a separate PDF or jpg file bearing the first authorís name.

Proof-reading: Page proofs will be submitted to the contributors for minor corrections and should be returned to the Editor within three days. Major alterations from the text cannot be accepted.

Editorial correspondence: All manuscripts, letters to the Editor, Editorial matters including advertising, back numbers and requests for reprints, should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Giuliano Cerulli, University of Perugia, Via G.B. Pontani - 06128 Perugia, Italy. Tel: +39-0755003956  Fax:+39-0755010921; E-mail: g_cerulli@tin.it

Publisher: biolife_sas@yahoo.it  Website: www.biolifesas.org. Biolife sas, Via S. Stefano, 39/bis. 64029 Silvi Marina, (TE) Italy.